About the Brand

With a fresh vibe and a sofisticated feel, Cristina Iaroscenco fashion brand was build to embody the designer’s desire of telling a story. The story of a powerful woman that embraces her beauty and lets it shine through.

Whether we are talking about smart—casual outfits, evening gowns or bridal wear, all these are not just clothing, they are meant to be a journey. Women are engcouraged to show their femininity, to learn new styling habits, while being taught how to dress not with just clothes but to dress their spirit with confidence and uniqueness.

Each and every collection will show women how to be proud of their qualities, how to reinvent themselves and discover new fashion perspectives besides the brand. Each garment made by Cristina Iaroscenco is meant to be like a personality extension for its owner. Why? Because this fashion house is where design meets creativity and authenticity, where you learn that style is a flexible thing and where you accept your perfectly imperfect self!

As for the design direction, it is a mix that follows a modern path. Each collection shows a little bit of the vintage touch and the retro grace, while also maintaining the spark of innovation and following nowadays trends.

About the Founder

Founder and designer of the brand, Cristina Iaroscenco has a background in communication and PR, with expertise in security studies and an internship at NATO. After that, she wanted to explore something different and she chose FASHION! Following some sewing and design courses in Romania, but also in Florence at Marangoni Institute of Fashion, where she attended fashion business.

Now, she speaks to women about women, not with words but with pieces of fabric well sewed together into wonderful, wearable art. She wants them to excel in everything they do and to not be scared of telling their personal stories through the clothing they wear.

Since she was a child she fell in love with fashion, beauty and art, so she chose to follow her rebellious spirit and leave an industry that was limiting her creativity to another one that is full of potential, and infinite inspiration to grow as a person: the fashion world! A dream that fulfils her and makes her feel happy!

This is her belief: women empowerment is all about women that want to be happy and are doing something about it! So she took this belief and imprinted it in every idea, every single garment, every outfit and every hour of work alongside her wonderful team!

#WearableConfidence is the key ingredient for the perfect look, blending in with the unordinary patterns, precious fabrics and impeccable tailoring