The FRAMED collection presents you with a moving piece of art, a powerful woman that gets out of her frame, laughing and being unapologetically herself. We showcase the muse that stepped out of her comfort zone and started to wear her frame and not the other way around. She is discovering this whole new world and she is spreading the word around to everyone: WEARABLE CONFIDENCE.
Versatility is the word that describes our new FW ‘19 collection. With a range of items that can be worn and styled in so many different ways, according to your dress code or occasion. Our pieces will look great from every angle on you. Our luxurious, high—quality fabrics have a smooth feel and your body will be perfectly contoured.
Blending different elements and styles together is one of our favourite things to do. You will discover the presence of glossy-matte contrast and balanced yet interesting combination in our pieces. Our attention to details mixes perfectly with fine tailoring and our selection of premium fabrics — quality is the most important feature we look for in our products.
FRAMED stands for empowering women and authenticity, expressing one’s individuality is at the core of our brand’s beliefs.